Document conventions

Document conventions described in the table below are used in this Guide.

Document conventions

Sample text

Document conventions description

Note that…

Warnings are highlighted in red and enclosed in frames. Warnings contain important information connected with critical actions related to computer security.

You are advised to use…

Notes are enclosed in frames. The notes contain support and background information.



The examples are given in the section below the Example heading on a yellow background.

Update – is…

New terms are marked by italics.


Names of keyboard keys are marked by semi-bold font and capital letters.

The key names connected with the “plus” (+) character define a key combination.


Names of interface components, for example, input fields, menu commands, buttons, etc., are marked by semi-bold font.

To configure task schedule:

Instructions are marked by the arrow symbol.

The opening sentences or instructions are in italics.


Texts in the command line or texts of messages displayed on the screen have a special font.

<Your computer’s IP address>

The variables are enclosed in angle brackets. Instead of a variable its corresponding value is placed in every case, and the angle brackets are omitted.

Document conventions