Hardware information

The Hardware information task should be used if Kaspersky Rescue Disk could not be started either in graphic or text mode because the hardware is not supported.

The Hardware information task gives you the possibility of storing information on computer hardware in electronic form. Before starting the task, install a removable drive to which all the hardware information will be saved.

The hardware information cannot be saved using the CD / DVD-RW removable drive.

After the task is completed, you can save information, restart or shut down the computer, by selecting the corresponding option in the dialog window that opens. To switch between options, press the TAB key. To confirm the selection, press the ENTER key.

After this function is completed, save the information to your removable drive and send this information to the Technical Support Service specialists.

If you do not have a removable drive, you can write information manually or print a screen with the specified data.

Hardware information