About notification settings

Various events may occur when Kaspersky Rescue Disk runs. These might be of an advisory nature or contain important information. For example, an event can inform you that the application update was successfully completed, or can record an error that should be eliminated immediately.

When operating, Kaspersky Rescue Disk sends the following types of notifications:

  • Critical notifications – notifications about critically important events that point to problems with the Kaspersky Rescue Disk operation, or vulnerabilities in your computer’s protection: for example, the application databases are corrupted, or the key has expired.
  • Functional failures – notifications about events which make the application inoperable: for example, no key or application databases.
  • Important notifications – notifications about important events that must be attended to, since they reflect important situations in the operation of Kaspersky Rescue Disk: for example, protection is disabled, or a full virus scan has not been performed for a long time.
  • Minor notifications – reference-type messages about events which as a rule do not contain important information: for example, all dangerous objects have been disinfected.

To enable / disable event notifications, click the Settings button, located in the top part of the main application window, select the Notifications section and check the Enable events notifications box.

In order to receive updates on Kaspersky Rescue Disk’s operation, you can use the notification feature. By default, the user is notified with pop-up messages appearing for all events. You can also disable the notification displaying option and determine the type of notifications that you want to receive.

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About notification settings