Changing the type of objects to scan

To change the type of objects to be scanned:

  1. Open the main application window.
  2. Click the Settings link in the top part of the window. This opens the Objects Scan section.
  3. In the Security level section click the Settings button.
  4. In the window that opens, on the Scope tab, in the File types section, specify the format and extension of the files that are to be scanned when the selected scan task runs:
    • All files – with this option, all files will be scanned without exception.
    • Files scanned by format – if you select this group, Kaspersky Rescue Disk will scan only potentially infected files, i.e. files which a virus could infiltrate. Before searching for viruses in an object, its internal header is analyzed to determine the file format (.txt, .doc, .exe, etc.).
    • Files scanned by extension – in this case Kaspersky Rescue Disk will only scan potentially infected files. The file format will be determined by its extension.

    Please remember that the probability of malicious code penetrating files of certain formats (for example, .txt) and subsequent activation is quite low. At the same time the risk of malicious code penetrating files that contain or may contain executable code (for instance, .exe, .dll, .doc), is quite high.

    Remember that an intruder can send a virus to your computer in a file with the .txt extension, whereas it is in fact an executable file renamed as .txt file. If you select the Files scanned by extension option, the scan would skip this file. If the Files scanned by format option has been selected, the file protection will analyze the file header and determine that the file is an .exe file. Such a file will be thoroughly scanned for viruses.

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