About configuring reports and storages

This section groups the information about the parameters that regulate work with Kaspersky Rescue Disk data files.

Application data files are objects that have been quarantined or moved to the Backup by Kaspersky Rescue Disk, and reports about task execution.

In the Reports and Storages section of the Kaspersky Rescue Disk’s settings window, you can perform the following actions:

  • Add records into the report.

    You can add records about non-critical events to the protection report. By default, these events are not added to the report.

  • Modify report storage settings.

    You can define the maximum storage time for the reports and define the maximum size of a report file. You can also cancel any limits set on the report’s size, or enter another value.

  • Delete information from reports.

    Information about the Kaspersky Rescue Disk operation is logged in the reports. You can clear them.

  • Modify storage settings for quarantined and backup objects.

    You can determine the maximum storage time for quarantined objects and for copies of objects in the backup (the Rescue Disk mark fs About configuring reports and storages Store objects no longer than box). By default, the objects are stored for 30 days: after that, they will be deleted. You can change the maximum storage term or remove this restriction altogether. You can also specify the maximum size of data storage area (the Rescue Disk mark fs About configuring reports and storages Maximum size box). The default maximum size is 100 MB. You can cancel the report size limit or set another value for it.

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About configuring reports and storages