About update settings

Kaspersky Rescue Disk update is carried out according to a group of settings.

To configure the update settings:

  • Select an update source.

    You must have an Internet connection to update.

    A resource containing Kaspersky Rescue Disk database and module updates, is called an update source. You can use HTTP or FTP servers as an update source. The main default update source are the Kaspersky Lab update servers located in several countries. These are special Internet sites where the updates for all Kaspersky Lab products are stored. If several resources are selected as update sources, Kaspersky Rescue Disk will try to connect to them in turn, starting at the top of the list and retrieving the updates from the first available source.

  • Change update source regional settings.

    Choosing the Kaspersky Lab update server closest to you will save you time and download updates faster. You can select the optimal server location when downloading updates.

  • Specify the proxy server settings.

    To download updates from servers, your computer must be connected to the Internet. By default, the Internet connection settings are determined automatically. If you are using a proxy server, the connection settings should be set.

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