The taskbar is a panel displayed in the bottom part of the screen where the icon Rescue Disk start menu Taskbar is displayed. Click the Rescue Disk start menu Taskbar icon to open the Kaspersky Rescue Disk menu. You can also open the menu using the mouse. To do this, right-click any area on the desktop.

This opens the menu that provides quick access to the system elements (see the figure below).

Rescue Disk menu krd Taskbar

Kaspersky Rescue Disk menu

The menu contains items which provide the following tools:

  • Rescue Disk kaspersky krd Taskbar Kaspersky Rescue Disk – starts Anti-Virus.
  • File manager – starts X File Explorer (xfe) file manager.
  • Web browser – starts Mozilla Firefox web browser.
  • Terminal – starts operating system console.
  • Screenshot – copies the screen as it is displayed on the monitor and indicates the path to the saved file.
  • Network setup – opens the network configuration window. In the window that opens, you can configure the network adapter and modify proxy server settings.
  • About Kaspersky Rescue Disk – opens the window containing information on Kaspersky Rescue Disk version.
  • Restart computer – opens the computer restart confirmation window.
  • Shut down the computer – opens the computer shutdown confirmation window.

You can also change the position of all the windows on the desktop. To do this, right-click the taskbar space to open the context menu and select the required action.