About Quarantine

Quarantine is a special repository that stores the objects which may be infected with viruses.

Potentially infected objects are objects that are suspected of being infected with viruses or their modifications. Such an object can be discovered and quarantined when scanning for viruses.

Objects are quarantined when scanning for viruses in the following cases:

  • The code of the object being analyzed resembles a known threat but is partially modified.

    The Kaspersky Rescue Disk databases contain the threats investigated to date by Kaspersky Lab specialists. If a malicious program is modified and these changes have not yet been entered into the databases, Kaspersky Rescue Disk classifies the object infected with the modified malicious program as a potentially infected object, and indicates without fail what threat this infection resembles.

  • The code of the object detected has a structure like a malicious program; however, nothing similar is recorded in the application databases.

    It is quite possible that this is a new type of threat, so Kaspersky Rescue Disk classifies the object as a potentially infected object.

Files are identified as potentially infected with a virus by the heuristic code analyzer. This mechanism is fairly effective and rarely leads to false positives.

When you place an object in Quarantine, it is moved, not copied: the object is deleted from the disk, and saved in the Quarantine folder. Files in Quarantine are saved in a special format and are not dangerous. You can modify Quarantine settings.

You can perform the following actions on the quarantined objects:

  • quarantine the files that you suspect are infected;
  • scan and disinfect using the current Kaspersky Rescue Disk databases;
  • restore files to the folders from which they were moved to Quarantine, or to the folders selected by the user;
  • delete any quarantined object or group of selected objects.

    You can modify an action to be performed on quarantined objects.

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