Using complex filtering

To specify complex filtering conditions:

  1. Open the main application window.
  2. Click the Report link in the top part of the window. This will open the Protection state window.
  3. In the window that opens, on the Report tab, click the Detailed report button. As a result, a correspondingly named window will open.
  4. Left-click the area to the left of the table column for which you wish to specify complex filtering conditions. In the window the opens, select Custom (see the figure below). You can also select Filter by this field in the context menu displayed after right-clicking the necessary column of the table.

    Rescue Disk difficult Using complex filtering

    Selecting complex filtering

  5. In the Custom filter window that opens specify the necessary filtering conditions.

    The query limits are specified in the fields in the right part of the window. The left part of the drop-down list Show rows where is used to pick the condition for events query (for example, is greater than, i.e. exceeding the value specified in the field to the right).

    Rescue Disk hard filter Using complex filtering

    Specifying the complex filtering conditions

    If you wish your data query to satisfy both specified conditions, select AND. If only one of the two conditions is required, select OR.

    For several types of columns the search interval limit is not a numeric or a temporal value, but a word (for example, the query could pick out the OK value for the Result column). In this case the word specified as the limit will be compared against other word-conditions in alphabetic order.

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