About the update

Keeping the application updated is a prerequisite for reliably protecting your computer. New viruses, Trojans, and malicious software emerge daily, so it is important to regularly update the application to keep your personal data constantly protected. Information about threats and neutralization methods is stored in Kaspersky Rescue Disk’s databases, so timely updating is an essential part in maintaining reliable protection.

To update anti-virus databases, run the update task. While the task is running, Kaspersky Rescue Disk downloads the updates and installs them on your computer.

If the databases have become corrupted during the update process, you can roll back update. Prior to updating the databases, Kaspersky Rescue Disk creates a backup copy of them should you want to roll back to the previous version.

Kaspersky Rescue Disk is updated according to a preset combination of settings.

If the preset settings do not meet your needs, you can:

The anti-virus databases need to be constantly updated. You can decide whether it is necessary to download updates based on its status on the My Update Center tab of the main application window. On the tab the following settings are displayed:

  • Database status (up to date, out of date or corrupted).

    When selecting an update source, the anti-virus databases on your computer are compared with those at the update source. If the databases on your computer differ from those on the update server, the application downloads only the incremental part of the updates.

  • Release date and time.
  • Number of database records and their composition.

For detailed information about events, which have occurred during the task, go to the update report (the Report link in the top part of the window). You can also see the virus activity overview at www.kaspersky.com by clicking the Virus activity review link.

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