About text mode

Text mode represents a user interface that uses only alphanumeric characters and character graphics for input-output and information representation. Text mode uses few input-output devices resources (particularly memory) and high speed information displaying.

The Kaspersky Rescue Disk text mode combines the command prompt interface and the console mode offered by Midnight Commander file manager.

The following features are available in text mode:

  • network configuration (network adapter, proxy server);
  • starting the Kaspersky Rescue Disk console;
  • objects scan (autorun objects, boot sectors, disks, disk directories, all objects);
  • update databases;
  • rolling back the last update;
  • help on command syntax;
  • restart computer;
  • closing Kaspersky Rescue Disk on computer shutdown.

In text mode you can only start object scans and updates. To modify task settings, launch the application in the graphic mode.

About text mode